Sunday, 27 July 2014

Foxwood Steel play Manchester Carnival

Now then Debs,
 You are here for this. We take a little Foxwood Seven-piece to Manchester. Seven-piece because I misheard what date of playing was. Anyway, no need to go into that now. We got ourselves a band together and we were lovely.
We played early on in a corner away from all the other sounds, nicely placed between the toilets and the bar. We used both.
A little crowd eventually gathered around us [no not just queuing for the facilities. They came to dance]. Damien brought us drinks.
We were me, you, Bex, Charlotte, Sophie, Natalie and Vicky. We have one Foxwood player who lives in Manchester, but sadly Mig is working. I called on Mig on my way home. He was peeling skin off his legs and back from his German holiday sunburn.

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