Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Quarry Mount Primary School Steel Band does the Grand Depart

Well, obviously there's this cycle race coming to Yorkshire, and starting in Leeds, but this blog is about the steelbands, and this particular bloggette features the wonderful Quarry Mount Steelband.
This pics are from the rehearsal, until I get any from the day itself.


We were Solomon, Caitlin, Dante, Sohail, Nyomi, Savannah, Yaser, Enham. Then Kirsten, Lucy and Hannah from Oulton joined us. We played Canadian folksong, Land of the Silver Birch, and American Coming Round the Mountain. Then we joined in the Finale from Alan Simmons wonderful On Yer Bike. Tim, Vicky, Wanda and I held up the chord colours for this, and Quarry Mount rocked. As did the choirs and the strings and the woodwind.

It was all too wonderful, a great occasion, and we were obviously proud to be part of Leeds' celebration of the Grand Depart.
Afterwards it was of course, back of the Town Hall steps waiting for the van. Here's me and Nat.

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