Thursday, 10 July 2014

Foxwood, East Steel, Sparrows: Leeds Pan Central Again Outside Leeds Arena

On Friday Anne W wondered if we could play outside Leeds Arena as people wait for the Tour de France cyclists to come past. Before I said yes, I asked if any players from all three bands would be able to manage it. Mostly they wondered why I was waiting . . .

On Monday we discovered how the road closures would affect our prospects for an easy load.

I put out a general all-band request, and in the end got 26 of us. We got our 15 seconds worth on Calendar, Euro-tele. One player's sister saw us in Australia.
Bex and I went down in the van at 1.30, met Ash, unloaded. I took van back to Hyde Park, cycled back down. Appropriately.

As the clock ticked down to our start point the players started to roll up. The pictures will speak for themselves. Tony gave me a massive hug! I think he liked it.
And I stopped worrying that there would be a big enough audience to justify dragging so many players out on buses, trains, walking, bikes!

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