Saturday, 19 July 2014

Foxwood Steel at Huddersfield J'Ouvert

It's Friday night the second weekend in July and it's Huddersfield Carnival. Today is a curious set of transport disasters.
I have a puncture in a blue van full of pans. Amy misses the train, but worse lies in store for you, Debs. Rick fixes the puncture; Amy returns to Friday tele [I'm guessing here]. We start our set outside the Carnival Centre near Huddersfield Station; we wave at you as you drive past in the hire van, and blissfully expect your imminent appearance.
This was not to be.

The faulty alarm sets off the minute you try to leave the van. We wait in vain; we play an extra half an hour in vain. We return to Leeds. You return to the van hire place.
We were me, Bex, Varshika, Daisy, Sophie, Katie, Natalie, Bart, Vicky and Lola making her debut under Katie's tutelage.


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