Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Foxwood and co: Leeds Pan Central gearing up for the Grand Depart

Alison contacted me. Would we like to play Victoria Gardens, outside the Art Gallery on Wednesday? Well actually, as Bex doesn't work work [ie does do parenting] on a Monday, could I swop to Monday? Yes. We were already gonna play the Briggate Le Stage on Friday and I figured a bit of distance between the two events might help.
This was for our European visitors to Leeds. Proud to be asked, now scrabbling around for players. From Foxwood we got me, Bex, Sarah, Gig, Bart; from East Steel we got Wanda, Kirsty; from Sparrows, George, Ash, Naomi. Incidental players: Karl [Work Experience student, getting a bit more than he expected], Mikey, and Sandra [ex-student and ex-Sparrow who we called over out of the audience].
Found ourselves being filmed for some part of official Grand Depart video. Did we mind? Answer: Of course not.
We had been asked to play from 12 till 2pm with a break. In the end we decided just to play on, with just a couple of 4 minute gaps between tunes.
Once you've been a float at Leeds or Huddersfield or Manchester, two solid hours seems nowt.

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