Monday, 15 July 2013

Steel Bands at Kirkstall Festival.

So, Debs, back in the UK but you're playing Charlesworth while the rest of us take on the midday sun at Kirkstall Festival.

I guess the midday sun was everywhere in this heatwave of a UK July.

Anyway we were Foxwood Steel, Silver Sparrows, Oulton PS Steel Band, Baby Steel and some players from Blenheim, Sacred Heart and Allerton Grange.

Foxwood was me, Gig, Amy, Lizzie, Katie, Tim, Natalie, Bex, Gary [Gary!][so nice to have Gary back on board], Sparrows were George, Georgia, Ciara, Claudia, Naomi, Allerton Grange was Rowena plus George, Ciara and Claudia, Baby Steel was Martha, Mark, Ruth, Joint bands included Ben from Blenheim and Mikey from Sacred Heart, Oulton was led by Wanda, supported by Kirsty.

 In that heat packing away was hard. I had a fainting moment and Sarah E even brought me an ice pack for my neck from the ice -cream van.


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  1. Hey Victoria!

    This looks like a fantastic gig, I am sorry not to have made it and got and bashed some percussion for you. I hope you are still up for playing at the rose bank food garden open day we are planning. I will certainly get involved there! Cant find your contact details on these intriguing blogs so please drop me an email if you get this. Hope to here from you soon!!