Saturday, 20 July 2013

Foxwood Steel at Beechwood

Debs, While you, no doubt. are having a lie-in after your own weekend gigs, I find that me and the gang are now treading the boards on Monday morning at Beechwood Primary School.

First off, Natalie's wonderful Beechwood Primary School Steel Band play, and then we hobble on stage. Sarah [newly made mum] has left Daniel with her mum [newly made grandma] who conveniently lives almost next door to the school. Bex has brought Mikey with her, but she shouldn't worry - Beechwood is getting used to Smalls on stage. My own Small is now in her early twenties, but she has left her own Smalls at school and nursery.

Anyway, Debs, this blog is meant to be about the gigs I play, not how many children we manage to farm out first! On the other hand, it's the only way we manage to play these gigs, so all power to all our elbows. We were me, Bex, Gig, Sarah, Natalie and Cameron [hitting the ground running on work experience][and turns out played with us for Grand Union gig two weeks ago]. 

I love the pics we get from Beechwood because of the background. It gives a proper alternative experience to a performance. [Also Beechwood has its own pans- standard layout, and drum-kit, so we can play what there is on stage already.]

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