Sunday, 28 July 2013

Foxwood Steel play Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Well Debs, You were there, so you know how good. 

What's really nice about the Sculpture Park is how welcome we are made. eg. from Damon W [programme and events co-ordinator]:

The event was fantastic and your input was a huge success on the day, I love the band, it is always my favourite part of the day to hear you guys play.


Thank you all very much for all your help. I am very grateful. The visitors I spoke to said they had a lovely day and really enjoyed the music! And you guys looked great playing around that sculpture. 

And it was great, the acoustics inside the centre surprisingly good. Well the whole day was great; nothing went wrong, so this blog will just be all great pics. And the pictures around the sculpture were great and indeed led Austin to uploads 27 to Facebook.

Come on Austin, that is beyond the call of duty!

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