Sunday, 21 July 2013

Bankside at Chapel Allerton, and Foxwood Sparrows at Hunslet Moor

Debs, I was very proud that Bankside decided that they would play a gig. They were going to Chapel Allerton Children's Centre Carnival. I agreed to go with them. I went to a very surprised Chapeltown Children's Centre. Then I went to the right one.

We played Merrily we Roll Along, Skip to my Lou, Frere Jacques, Skip in a different key, Dvorak's Largo [in F]; I brought my parasol and golfing umbrella out from the van; then I skipped to Hunslet Moor for the retiring head's surprise leaving do, via the Harolds to get Tim.

Debs. you had come all the way from Dubai and you were first there. Vicky brought Georgia E, but was delayed by dropping her keys in carpark; Sarah arrived with baby Daniel [his first gig], collecting Georgia W en route.

Both Georgias had the same handbag and same shoes, as if we weren't confused enough!

A man from sound system asked if he could sing with us. Then I discovered he planned to do this through the microphone set up at the opposite end of the playground. I warned him it might not sound so good.

We set playing Under the Boardwalk again, as requested. Debs, you were, I think you'll agree, it worked really well. What a hoot!

New Dazl

Ian was there from Dazl. You taught him many years ago at Merlyn Rees. Hugs all round.

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