Saturday, 20 July 2013

Foxwood Steel on a roundabout on the Kirkstall Raod

We have barely recovered from Kirkstall Festival than we are standing, the following early morning, on a newly-formed and rather natty little traffic island on the Kirkstall Road, near the viaduct.

This is for the Jane Tomlinson 10k race. Half of today's band lives within a mile from said traffic island, so this is not altogether inconvenient.

We are Amy, Varshika, Sophie, Tim, Lizzie, Gig, Vicky, me and Bex [and the boys]. We play continually, constantly and without a break for nearly two hours. What a marathon! What a 10k!

We feature Chariots of Fire amongst our repertoire, and play it especially for Wanda in her new caterpillar suit! Also see Anthony zooming past. He will be relieved to know we missed photographing him. Also my friend, Joanne from the Russian class. And Christine and chums from the Leeds College of Music, running on behalf of YAMSEN:SpeciallyMusic [and we'll need it now we don't have our West Park home anymore].

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