Monday, 1 July 2013

East Steel play Miggy Park

Well Debs,

Last time we played Middleton Park, we were one of a number of acts, but, reading a little pamphlet called Events in Leeds, I found our name by the 30th June as playing in said park, and then found no other act mentioned. So best be on time then.

First I had a meeting of the West Park Centre Campaign Group. I packed the van early, attended [chaired even] the meeting, then left promptly to pick up Tim back in Hyde Park, then Amy in Holbeck. The park entrance was in the same place as it was last year - always a good thing; Wanda was holding the gate for us, and here a lovely new cafĂ©, with paved terrace-performance area.

Well, before we started the set a small dog started to pull away from its owner, its lead-on-a-spring getting longer and longer until the owner let go and the metal lead went flying, whipping anything in its way, including the backs of my ankles as it did. See pictures taken two days later. I asked if there was a doctor in the house, but the doctor in our band told me she didn't think I needed A and E. Well, there's sympathy!

We were me, Vicky [with Bex's Smalls - how the heck did that happen!], Wendy, Jeanette, Peter, Tim, Amy, Anne, Lynn, Wanda, Kirsty and Trish.

Listening to us quite wore Mikey out.

We had some tea and buns, packed the van quite loosely, then I went and helped Charlotte move house. This involved watching her getting a mattress - with no handles - why do they do that - make the floppiest thing in the world and then give you nowhere to get a grip! Oh, as I said, get a mattress up some stairs.

Then a mystery cat decided to inspect the camshaft.

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