Saturday, 13 July 2013

Foxwood Steel at J'ouvert Huddersfield Carnival

Well Debs, it seems that your new school terms revolve around your old home Carnival dates, and here you are back again for Carnival in Huddersfield.

In some ways, sorry not to be here on Carnival Day itself, but actually, Kirkstall Festival has been knocking on our door for years, and only fair . . .

I drove Daisy over in the van. The others would have taken the 7 whatever train but it got cancelled. Only Karen and Alli, waiting on the Carnival Arts Centre steps. We hung around with van on pavement; then band arrives and we unload. Tonight we are Amy, Daisy, Varshika, Vicky, Katie, Charlotte, yourself, Natalie, Karen, Alli, Bex and myself.

A small sceptical group surrounds us, but in the end, a warm and supportive

one. As you know, Debs, and for someone newly arriving from Dubai, we are welcoming a heat wave here in the UK. And this: my favourite - playing in the centre of a northern town with the walls of some Victorian building rising up behind and giving out the tunes across the road. Buses and cars go past; some passengers and some drivers stare, and some just look ahead, like, no, that's not a steel band playing in the middle of town on  Friday night. That would be strange.

Jab Jab drummer stands in for Three Little Birds, and plays some cool rhythms on the old wood block. Katie buys some new specs. As we pack up the J'ouvert dancers arrive ready to celebrate proper Carnival style. Weather is all. I drive Daisy and Bex back to Leeds.


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