Saturday, 20 July 2013

East Steel Play an Open Rehearsal at City of Leeds School

The weather, as you know is nice. Steel pans are just made to played al fresco. Since the demise of the West Park Centre we practise at City of Leeds again. City of Leeds school has carpark area surrounded by woodland. It could be countryside. This is the place for a little gigette.

So, on Thursday we rehearse  outside. This counts as a gig [in my opinion]. Our audience is mothers and partners - WAGS for the steelband. But I like to think that, in this breathless weather the sound has sparkled its way round Woodhouse, and brought a little joy into the lives of the locals.

PS: This blog should have been in its chronological order, just before Huddersfield Carnival J'ouvert. My apologies if anyone is disorientated by this lack of attention to time.

Players were Karen, Alli, Wanda, Becky, me and Bex, Kirsty, Ruth, Katie,  Adele, Vicky.

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