Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Russian meal, and Ray, Jane and Rosie say goodbye

If it's Monday, it must be partytime!

First off, I jump onto the Bradford train 5 minutes before it leaves, apparently beating Joanna and pal to it by 2 minutes!  Good grief! How can I be fashionably late if two others are later?

We get off at Bradford Forster Square, walk up to the Russian Restuarant, sit down and meet all the others who have come from other places by other means. Bob's bought a bottle of vodka. We all make variable attempts to order in Russian. Galina is really "fashionably"!

I now have to rush down to Interchange [not "just down the road"!], and jump on the 8.21.

At Leeds I take a taxi to Queenswood Social Club, and arrive as the speeches are ending.

I do get to see Ray's wonderful percussionists do some tunes. And two of them, now in the UK Youth Orchestra, were not even born when I worked with their dads: Eric at John Smeaton, and Dave at Corpus Christi.

Get a lift home from Joe M. Ace. Got to prepare for Wharfedale tomorrow. Stress.

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