Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Foxwood Steel play The Moor, Sheffield

Now then Debs,

If it's a Bank Holiday weekend, we must have some more pan-playing to do.

Before that it's over to Manchester to see that Leeds isn't the only town to let great buildings rot, and to make rhubarb fool.

Then it's down to the Moor in Sheffield town centre for me, Katie, Tim, Danielle, Varshika, Sophie, Georgia and Amy.

Rick takes me and Katie in the van; and the others take the 11.02 train, at first worried that Varshika hasn't showed up only to find her curled up in the same train carriage as them.

This is another nice town centre event; excellent gazebos and good safety rails.

The Lord Mayor has a few words on air with Radio Sheffield, and then, I believe the good folks of Sheffield get Foxwood Steel over their airwaves.

We rattle through as many tunes as possible, only repeating Boardwalk and Dead or Alive.

I go home and pass out. Varshika, Sophie, Amy and Tim go to the Brudenell [as in Social Club] where I eventually join them. These pictures are out of focus, which I think is just as well.

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