Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I have tackled Reception at Meltham Moor

Well, Debs,

I forgot to tell you about working in your old neck of the woods:

Like yourself, I teach secondary, and like yourself for a reason. So when Meltham Moor [Primary School] contacted me to do a workshop and mentioned Yrs 6, 5,4, and then 3,2,1 and Reception, and then Nursery, I was thinking no. Then I remembered work is work, and besides that, my pride was possibly surfacing. Reader, I took the gig.

And then decided to take the steelpans over in my little blue van the Friday before. This turned out to be the day an accident closed the M62, and consequently choked up the A62. I spent four hours on the A62 befrore conceding defeat and turned right towards Bradford. Put my feet up in Mughal's, Leeds Road, Bradford, charged my phone, told home where I was. [Also, obviously some pechoras changed hands]

Left Leeds at 3pm, got back at 8pm, having not even got anywhere near Meltham Moor. Hmm.

On Monday and Tuesday I took on comers, and I like to think I rocked [Louise W may be the judge of that!], and Debs, I even enjoyed teaching a Reception class. Don't tell anyone. Give me raging hormones anytime. Here's picture of traffic on and around the !62

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