Saturday, 18 May 2013

Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows, SILC Unleashed, Allerton All Stars, Leeds Steel United play Wharfedale Festival May 2013

Allerton All Stars
Well, I arranged for us all to meet at Leeds Station in plenty of time for us to be desperately early for the King's Hall. Just as well.

I brought the first half over on the 4.32 and Natalie and Tim brought up the rear on the 5.02. Vicky had already met Rick with the van, and most pans were on the stage. And, let's face it, it was easier setting up with half the players than with all.

SILC Unleashed
Xanthe appeared with her wonderful SILC Unleashed at about the same time.

Allerton All Stars didn't like their name, but that's it till they come up with a better one [they didn't like Grangettes either]. They played One More River, Sledging and El Condor Pasa. They were Polly, Claudia, Sophie, Josie, Ciara, Eva, Rameice. I played the melody with Josie. I was rubbish. Sorry, Josie. [Have since found out that Ciara knew the melody. That makes me double rubbish].

SILC Unleashed [now that is a good name] played Unnatural Selection by Muse. They were Xanthe, Jake and Dan. And they brought their fan club! Yo!

Sparrows played their Festival 2013 set. Which they have called,  Dreamed a Bridge Over Always Hearts. Actually sometimes it's I Dreamed a Bridge over Loving Jars.

Leeds Steel United
Then all of us together as Leeds Steel United played Next to Me. Ace.

We had chips [they had fish and . . ] and then caught the 8.21 back to Leeds. To say that Lawnswood and Allerton Grange bonded even more would be an understatement! What a racket!
{thanks as ever to Vicky for loading and pics beyond the call of duty.]

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