Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Foxwood Steel play Half Marathon, Leeds

Well, it's a sunny Sunday morning, and not everyone in Foxwood Steel is awake. But those of us who are have just parked up in the Vesper Gate Abbey/Kirkstall Road, and are just finding out that our new gazebos are pink, and not red. So hoping it doesn't rain, we set up our little seven-piece at the side of the road.

We are me, Bex, Varshika, Amy, Danielle, Tim, Alan, Lizzie, and [the ever-patient] Vicky.

Cutting out all our subtle tunes, we set about a set of soca and rock, and discover that once the two front runners have come past, it's is relentless. Bex and I swop melody for bass until we discover that Alan and Tim can learn a bass line in 4 bars flat. Yo.

So who's looking after Mikey and James?

Vicky is in the traffic behind the runners, and has abandoned all hope of playing by the time she gets here. Now, who's looking after Mikey and James!

Half-marathon - relentless, hard-work and ace. But just how many people does it take to pack the last stands into a van?

By the time it did start raining, we just used the pub's parasols, and Alan just got wet.

[PS, Varshika has just called in to say, in their defence, that both she and Danielle had one working hand each and Amy had a bad back!]

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