Monday, 13 May 2013

Jet Lag, from Workers' Memorial Day to Samba Workshop to TUC Rally to Council Deputation

Now then Debs
You only do 3,000 miles each time you flip off to work, so obviously you won't undestand my suffering [flying all the way to Singapore!].

Astrid explained earnestly to me that as I was going backwards i.e. westwards, the jet lag would be imperceptible, compared to the four days spent in Singapore in a haze.

Not so. I spent the next two two weeks in a daze! During this daze, Margaret Thatcher's funeral put an end to the council meeting that I was due to speak at. Debs, that was probably just as well!

On April 27 it was Workers' Memorial Day. Not so well attended as the day and its all star cast speakers deserved. They included the city council leader,  a Leeds MP,  the leader of the unions: CWU, UCATT and chair and secretary of Yorkshire and Humberside TUC, and Bishop of Leeds and Ripon.
a packed Leeds Town Hall from the risers

By contrast the following day found me squashed on the risers at Leeds town Hall as part of the adoring crowd for Nigel Kennedy. Really too squashed for meaningful viewing. Anyway, glad I saw him in the flesh.
Nigel on right

On Wednesday Ray did a great, and I mean great samba and djembe workshop for the YAMSEN:SpeciallyMusic AGM. As we have now been without a base, a place to rehearse, or to store our instruments for six months now we were rather demob happy - as you can tell from the pic of Gail and Diane. Of course, where once we could nip down the corridor for the djembes, which belonged to another organisation, now Ray had to drive three ten miles there and back in order to collect them. A bit of of a drag.

But the workshop was inspiring, and me and Tim went to the Brudenell for the second time in a week, which probably equals the amount of times I went last year!

Mayday weekend: TUC rally on Saturday, and almost all of Sunday on the allotment. It'll be beans, beans, carrots in a couple of months' time.

On Wednesday I finally took my deputation to the Council meeting. Good thing I was over the jet leg
Richard from NUT and banner

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