Monday, 1 April 2013

Sela Bar, Music Expo, Being ill to getting older

Tokypo Door Bells at the Sela Bar
Well Debs
New York Street, Leeds

Nipped out one snowy Sunday evening to check Tim's band at the Sela Bar, New Briggate. Experimental? Electronic. Computer and live saxes. Loved it.

Thursday there was a big Music Expo at the Barbican in London last week [March 21] on the first day of what turned out not to be spring. I rearranged my lessons and took the train down the night before to stay at one of the most unsalubrious "hotels" in Camden. For £35 I did expect a kettle, but at least I got Newsnight, once we had tracked down the right remote control.

Charlotte and Skye
By morning the newly emerging sore throat was now sandpaper, and over the course of the day I drank my way through half a bottle of Covonia, a packet of cold and flu tablets and another packet of pastilles. Now I had this sore throat, plus I felt sick. And then I listened to one of the most pointless debates on music education, where none of the panel seemed ever to have graced a classroom with their presence. Well, if they had, it was obviously forgotten.

me n Diz

Got some good badges from the MU stand saying Work not Play. And then the whole day was brightened up by having a chat [well, a good listen, as talking wasn't my strong point] with Maureen who is doing researching about music provision for children with Additional [Special] Needs.

me n Tim
Met Charlotte and baby Skye for a tea at the Southbank, got the train back, collapsed into the bed I should have never left in the first place.

Diz n Tim

A week later it was my birthday and  [throat still hurting] me, Daisy and Tim went to the Brudenell to sort out Music education over a pint or two.

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