Monday, 1 April 2013

Foxwood at the Malt Shovel Easter 2013

This has got to be a favourite. Nice stage. Nice atmosphere. Beer. Bank Holiday. No work [apart from a children's party for one of us] the next day!]. And students back from Liverpool and Cambridge. We've cleared the performance area of all the furniture except the pool table. And we are a thirteen-piece.  On a float - small, in a local pub- huge.

Don't entirely manage to keep the volume down.

But sticking at least six songs they don't know into the setlist did work a bit. Some smiling and dancing - Katie and Daisy.

Tim made his pan debut on a single second that he had never met before. I like a challenge.

We were me, Bex, Daisy, Natalie, Stewart, Katie, Lizzie, Tim, Vicky, Varshika, Amy, Sophie and Georgia.

Sarah was at home being big and pregnant. Danielle had chicken pox. She was gutted, but not as much, surely, as me and Bex now staggering our through the melody of one song afer another.

Tim and Sarah have agreed to learn some tunes on sporano pans.. Easier anyway when you're balancing a baby on one hip.

I like a challenge.

Rick came with the van and the best ever Foxwood load out happened. After that it was tales of Teddy's adventures abroad.

waiting to play

[Thanks to Wanda's son for the performance pics.]

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