Friday, 5 April 2013

Flying to Singapore

Well Debs,
an aeroplane at Dubai Airport
At ridiculous o'clock I changed planes near where you are in Dubai, but a bit early for meeting for a cuppa. I had thought that a night-flight would be ideal for sleeping on.

lifts at Dubai Airport
No. It was ideal for watching  Lincoln and Life of Pi, and abandoning possibly the worst version ever of one of my favourite books! And what a waste of a good Jude Law.

I discovered the seat head-rest flap at 3.30 a.m. [which might have helped], five minutes before they brought round the rubber breakfast wrap. I sat behind the Selfish Three who got in place and crashed their seats back to Attempt-at-Sleep position, before we had even been served dinner, so that they could see their televisions from a comfortable distance while mine was stuck up my nose. And, the speed they went back at, it nearly broke my knees!


At Singapore Airport, tried to make off with someone else's Argos light-weight suitcase from the baggage collection carousel. Found Astrid [well she found me], went shopping, sat on the stoop for a couple of Tigers, slept, then slept in, got up in a haze.


Spent day in a haze; in the afternoon, torrential rain. Katie gave me a home-made tattoo; and me and Anwen went swimming; Megan's working up to engagement with me. Taught Katie the next bit of Ode to Joy on her ukele and instructed Daniel and Astrid in the art of tablature for when she forgot.

Daniel cycled back from work and jumped into the pool in his cycling clothes.

Next day Katie figured out tablature for herself [I think A and D would have got there in time!]. Taught her Twinkle in four keys on the different strings. Megan tuned the ukele, addressed me by name.
We went to Sengkang Shopping Centre and bought some pink Smiggle stationery and a ukele tuner.

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