Thursday, 11 April 2013

Leaving Nirwana

Well Debs,

Having done nothing on Tuesday, we decide to try out an activity on this: our last morning here in Nirwana. So after breakfast we go for a ride on an elephant. OMG!

Let me explain: When I was about 9 I went with my family and my school chum,  Lindy Clutterbuck to Whipsnade Zoo. Me and Lindy were left alone in the Elephant House. I dared her to climb over the rails and touch the wall between two elephants. She said, "Duffer dares first," as we used to say back in the day.

The keeper went out, I climbed over the rails, ran between the two little circles of concrete that the elephants called home and touched the wall between their two sad little enclosures. I turned to come back and just as I reached the rails, I felt the hot breath of a very angry African elephant on the back of my neck. As I scrambled to safety the keeper came back in and asked what had upset the animals. We played dumb.

 My parents came back with the tickets they had just bought for a ride on an elephant.

(If my mother is reading this blog, can I say sorry now. Didn't feel it appropriate to mention it at the time, for obvious reasons).

Anyway, we reached the Elephant Place in Nirwana. The good news is they are cute little Indian elephants; the bad news is there's no tourist box carrier on top of the animal. The saddle is a purple quilt; for safety you hold onto the shoulders of the driver. ''Grip'' I think is the word needed here. I did try not to.

We took four steps down from the mounting area; I was wondering if it would be possible to go back now after 20 seconds. Ten terrifying minutes later we were back; my legs are locked into position in fear; I was almost stuck there. (you might get the fear with body language in the picture).

spider in web

After that it's Astrid turn for nerves, as she watches her two oldest Smalls cuddle and even kiss a snake.

Back at the resort reception area the band and dancers are greeting another bus load of visitors, and I get some pics.

the pool

Baby monitor

lizard under walkway
gamelan "just for display''

We return to the Pool for one last dip, and then it's the final beautiful baby monitor, scurrying around in the garden just behind the pool

We check out, and bus it back for the ferry terminal, arriving back in Singapore about five. Take a taxi back home and chill out on the stoop, and on the old ipad.

'Monty again

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