Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Loving the Monitor Lizards

squirrel in tree
Today in Nirwana we discovered breakfast. I was in Nirvana, and had two bowls of fruit and two cakes.  After that we went back to the zoo to take pics in better light, swam some more, went back for lunch and Disney and met Monty.

Later we called up at the local Retail Outlet, and enquired about evening meals in the cafe area. "Oh yes, we can do vegetarian, what do you want?" It was at this point that we realised that the dining area was open!

Dining area
snake in glass

Actually I think that that's about it for Wednesday in Indonesia. So enjoy the animals, especially the monitor lizards. They were my highlight of our stay.

Victoria adoring lizard

Monty with tongue out

going to cut down coconuts

I took over fifteen pictures of Monty. Here are just some. [Warning: I found another monitor lizard the next day!]


mouse deer behind fence at night


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