Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Jet Lag and more Jet Lag

Day Four (Saturday) disappeared into the same haze that One and Two and Three had. But bobbling around in the pool with the girls was a reviver. Day Four we all went for lunch at local Caffeela and had yummy paratas, after which I abandoned the try-not-to-sleep in the daytime plan.

First sighting of Lizzy 
Astrid and I went for a pub crawl in the evening, after which I slept the best ever but woke up to legs covered in rash, and cold sores finally emerging from the latency. [I know, too much detail!] Astrid diagnosed dehydration I drank lots of water. So Sunday, Stayed inside all day. The unsightly diseases retreated.

At five we went down to the Waterfront for a concert of classical Chinese music. It was interesting but unfamiliar, if you get my drift. Astrid said, "Shall we leave before there's an encore?'' They frisked us for cameras on the way in.

Caught a rock band playing outside as we left. They looked good. Drove back to Jaln Kayu, and stopped for another meal at Cafeela.
the welcoming committee

On Monday we take the ferry to Bin Tan holiday resort and find ourselves at Nirwana Gardens, a sort of Indonesian Butlins. Our chalet is bigger than your average UK back to back, set back from the white sandy beach, at the side of a little lake.

As our coach drove up the dancers and musicians, including a little bit of gamelan, sprang into action. The piano accordion sounded good.

The large complex contains two swimming pools, and several little lakes. I am looking forward to the  monitor lizards and am not disappointed.

Lizzy pausing before taking the plunge

Lizzy, the Monitor Lizard

You might be disappointed, however, Debs, as they (lizards) form the greater part all of all my pictures on this, and next blog. In the afternoon we swim in the pool and then paddle in the sea. The constant flow of ships on the skyline is a clue to the black tar that sticks to our feet, and the black sand in the shallows.

After spotting Lizzy the Monitor Lizard on the other side of the pond, I rush round for some close ups.

In the evening we take a walk by the zoo of rescued animals. The signs all say that they are rescued animals, and wouldn't survive in the wild. The bird above said s/he would take its chances! Below is a preview of next day's lizard.
Monty, the Monitor Lizard

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