Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Astrid returned me to the wild today and dropped me at the MRT - Singapore's Underground. My task was to get off at Chinatown, buy some tak, and get back on at the same station, and then get an 86 bus back to Seletar.

Which I did.

It seems that London came to Singapore to check out their payment card system, hence the Oyster card, and indeed what a fabulous and straightforward tube system it is.

As recommended by the Rough Guide, I visited the Chinatown Heritage Museum. Good choice. An atmospheric, understated look back at making of modern Singapore and the hardships of the early days.

Chinatown looked colourful, but basically it was tourist ville and tak. I bought some stuff and took the tube back. I got the 86 as ordered, and spent fifteen minutes wondering the heck I was. Aha, Jalan Kayu, made it. That wasn't so difficult after all!

By now Astrid has apporpriated my reading glasses and the ipad! And here is a picture of the papaya tree in their garden, and on the plate, it all cut up and ready to eat. Yummy.

Got a nice picture of a pineapple growing in their garden too. Daniel said they grow like weeds. Gosh! I wish I had weeds like that!

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