Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Russian Party Time at Beckett Park and Les Miz

Well Debs, I am back on terra ferma, but I am dreaming of trains elsewhere and everywhere. Also, obviously, I flew to Moscow; I guess I could fly again.

And now it's Russian Christmas at our night-class. I forgot about bringing food; but I did bring my guitar, and played both chords for the Volga Boatman.

The rest of them brought champagne and wonderful vegetarian pirogi and the rest. I almost didn't get back in time for Lewis, and then it only takes a two-minute phone call and you lose the plot there. As Galina said, "What about i-player?" In the end I had to do Plus-One, and watch it all over again. [Not entirely a sacrifice]

On Saturday Georgia and I watched Les Miserables at the Cottage Road, where, when she and Morgan were small we went to see the Harry Potters and Jumanji.  This time, we booked online in advance; it was sold out; we sat on the front row; that was a bit in yer face. Very long film; needed two ice-creams.

Here's two pics of me and Gig on the Otley Road wondering where we left the car.

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