Monday, 4 February 2013

A Memory of Snow

In January I went to speak at Hebden Bridge Town Hall. Really this was political rather than social but it was an interesting evening.
Hebden Bridge Station on a wintry night 

Snow was threatened so I took the train. The train left late; the snow did indeed come down. The Calder High School people were hoping for Alasdair from the AAA [Anti-Academies Alliance] in London; they got me from the AAA in Leeds. I've got over their disappointment.

back of the Henry Price Building
Moorland Road 
Left the meeting at 9.10, rushed off to the station. Would it have hurt to check the times of the trains back? I waited on this lovely empty station till the 9.49, took a couple of pics of trains, buses and stations.

snowballs in School View
Afetr that Debs, snow was everywhere in Leeds; well, actually it was all over the country. And I spent a fortune going to Moscow . . . .

I cycled round round to Walt's on the snow; whoa, not doing that again. Found him, Stella and their nextdoor neighbours throwing snowballs.

    Debs, I think you get it: it snowed: beautiful and fun while it lasts, make getting transport difficult and briefly make the world stop ticking as normal, and you can reflect upon why you do what you do. Schools closed - so what?

Do we live to go to school; or do we go to school to live?


snowballs in School View

Otley Road

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