Friday, 11 January 2013

Russia Calling

To get a visa for Russia you first need a voucher of invitation from your hotel [or place you are visiting].   This is both straight-forward and complicated, and It's only complicated until you know what you are doing. Then it is straight-forward. It took me so long to get my head round this that I missed the opportunity to go by train there as well as back.

And Debs, because of the flying phobia I kept away from your wedding on Carriacou [though I can't actually remember whether you invited me or not!]. Anyway by the time I had booked the hotel in order to get the voucher in order to get the visa, my mind was very firmly in Moscow on New Year's Eve.

Debs, I just booked a plane.

I had always said that I would fly again once my youngest child was 16, and as Morgan is now 22, this promise to  myself was well overdue being honoured. So now, by the Wind in the Willows, I have a hotel booked, a voucher, a visa and a plane flight. And the next three days is spent, one or even more hours at a time booking the etickets that will get me home again.

Here are pictures of Leeds, the flooding by the Leeds-London railway line and London Regent Street with Christmas decorations.

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