Monday, 7 January 2013

Foxwood Steel, Allerton Grangettes, Sparrows and Steel Risingat Tropical World Wednesday

It's that time of year again: standing on an artifiical beach on the other side of the wall from the meerkats, and just along from the crocs at Tropical World Roundhay park [Leeds, of course].

As we play each evening for three hours, and we are the same band, and the Tropical World staff are the same staff, it's my mission that we vary the repertoire and the style of play and the visuals as much as possible.

So this evening it's Foxwood [me, Bex, Sarah, Katie, Gig. Sophie, Tim, Vicky],
Foxwood Steel

 then the wonderful Allerton Grangettes [Sophie, Leila, Josie, Claudia, Ciara,  then it's Foxwood again, then Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows [Claudia, Ciara, Georgia E, Peter, Millie], then Foxwood again, then after I left early to go to City of Leeds School for the City Vibe Show, it was Steel Rising [Alli, Karen, Vicky plus].

Me, Gig and Maya got to City; Rick took them [G and M] off in the car, but the bit where I would have played for City Vibe hadn't happened before I had to leave . . .  Such is life. Thankfully Sophie was able to stand in.
Foxwood and Sparrows
Foxwood n Sparrows

Grangettes and some Foxwood

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