I spent daylight hours in the subterranean depths that surround Heathrow, failing for quite some while to reach the hotel. So much much for spend the afternoon watching the planes taking off and on. I did see some that were parked.

Spent this evening in a small pub crawl of Longford, a little village on the old Bath road. Trying to drink off, in halves, the effects of a vegetable corma that was all too clearly not made in Leeds or Bradford.
And this little village is another little Purfleet, with some really old houses and pubs, some thatched. I walked along the Old Bath Road and I see in my mind, carriages and the weary travellers of Dickens world .

Hotel Heathrow Lodge with the lovely Rosina who did eventually direct me over the phone to her place, is cheap, clean, comfortable and convenient. Saw some planes take off this evening and none of them fell out of the sky.