Thursday, 10 January 2013

I Guess it's Christmas Next

Well Debs, I am a woman on a mission, so Christmas is just the interlude between visa trips to London.   I totally blame Galina and the gang for discussing travel in Russia, and in particular the website "Man in Seat 61".

I was hooked. The plan formulated in my head as the week wore on, and idea that I could be in Moscow at New Year just wouldn't go away.

Meantime there was the small matter of a present exchange and creamed leeks. Here is Morgan the Elf and Mig, Gig and Rick and the Creamed Leeks.

On Christmas Eve morning I was handing my visa application to the Russian Visa Office in London.

On Christmas Eve, me and the Not-So-Smalls took Penny [my ma] to the Brudenell Social.

And later on Christmas Day it was a present orgy for JJ and Maya. Pass me the port.

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