Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Last Lap at Tropical World

Debs, I spent last night/the night before refiling all the Christmas Songsheets, determined to move less stressfully from on tune to the next. Three hours well worth it, I'd say.

First, middle and last: Foxwood: you, me, Sarah,  Bex, Natalie, Sophie,  and Ashley and Karen [guests]

Foxwood with Sparrows
Next up: Sparrows: Claudia, Ashley, Ciara


Foxwood again

with John the Drummer
Really nice - John [always known as John the Drummer] turned up. We made him pose for  photo with us.

Steel Rising Foxwood Doves: really just all the same players in reverse order.

Went for a walk round Tropical World and pursued this lovely little bird until she agreed to pose for me.

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