Monday, 25 June 2012

Sparrows play for Grand Opening of Donovan's Allsorts

John and Shaun and friends spent Friday evening waiting for the cars parked outside their new shop to move so that they could position two vans either side of our performance area. Thus our stage. Enter the Sparrows: Evie, Ashley, Nina, Peter, Maisie, with band leaders/Foxwood: me, Natalie, Bex, Vicky, Charlotte.  Smalls were James and Michael.

The gazebo took off and self-destructed. The rain stopped. [I know how John will explain that.]
Councillor Sharon Hamilton cut the ribbon. Donovan's Allsorts was opened. We had raffles and sandwiches. played on the kerb, mostly on the road between two of John's vans. As buses and traffic passed. Apart from the excellent good cause, this was the most enjoyable sort of unsuspecting public audience. 

Still getting the, "What  were you doing on Meanwood Road last Saturday?".  [Adele took most of these pictures. And I must admit, they are something of a first. Watch out, Adele, I will handing you my camera more often!]

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