Sunday, 17 June 2012

East Steel at the West Park Centre

Between 31 May and 9 June, and between all three bands: East Steel, Foxwood Steel and Sparrows I did eight gigs; of the other band leaders, Bex did six, Natalie did five and Admin Extraordinare: Vicky did six.  Foxwood Doves playing Aminor, G and F beyond the call of the duty were Varshika and Joe on five, and Amy on four.

This included playing under gazebos of varying watertightness in torrential rain, and breaking down on the way to and at golf club near Hemel Hempstead. Good thing it was half term.

Thursday 31 May was at the West Park Centre.  Natalie's East Leeds Music Centre Band supports East Steel in the most glorious plant-selling, bun-eating,  tea-swilling concert of a concert. Natalie's players were Liam, Chloe, Alex and Celia. Chloe was nervous about the first song so I stood next to her and hopelessly attempted her part. I was rubbish; Chloe was great. They were all nervous; they were all great!

East Steel featured some first time giggers, and some old hands [old, as in "experienced " of course!]. All in all: Karen, Alli, Ruth, Cathy, Judy, Rameice, Perez, Bella, Lynn, Anne, Tricia, Wendy, Jeanette, Peter, Vicky, Katie, Bex, me.

And we solved the problem of unsightly accessories, including handbags, trolleys and pan cases. Large screens. Just don't take photos from behind!

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