Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sparrows at Big Voice

No sooner have we unloaded from the Wharfedale Festival than it's the Big Voice at Millennium Square. We share the big white van with all the other ArtFoms Music Service ensembles, so, as Richard was out with the Youth Orchestra on Saturday night, I left the big basses in the corridor at West Park for him to put back into the van after he had unloaded the timpani.
It's  not raining; always a bonus; no road-barriers that would involve a phone-call to the head steward to get permission to move them: another bonus; town centre is 2 miles from my and from most players' houses: bonus, and we have the concrete Players floor of the Millennium Square, and the steps and grand entrance of Leeds Civic Hall to collect up our music and unfurl it to the world. Massive bonus. Great visuals: icing on cake. 
Players are Ashley, Peter, Chloe, Ciara, Claudia, Nina, Maisie,  Joe, Amy, Sophie, Georgia; teachers are Me, Bex and Natalie; support - Vicky and Katie.  Peter, Ashley and Chloe did pan de neck down the Civic steps and round the back of the band.

Rick came back to pick up the pans. Me and Gig went to town to look for a new handbag; I spent Monday to Thursday getting all the pans and stands back to their various rooms two and five at a time. Hey-ho.

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