Friday, 22 June 2012

Foxwood at Donnington Roundabout and Berkhamstead

So this is it: we are venturing out of Leeds, and wending our way down to Hemel Hempstead wherein grew up singer, pan player and artist extraordinaire, my good friend [and yours, Debs], Charlotte. And in the sunshine we spend a couple of cheerful hours - me, Bex, Gig and Nat, hanging out on the roundabout of one of the few Motorway Services that are nowhere near the motorway itself. I find a handy cat basket in the car and voila, we have a picnic table.

Rick, Diz and Chas are in the van; they set up the pans as the rain clouds gather. Eventually we think we have solved the problem; no water. You want water, say the Skies. At Berkhampstead Gold Club we play Singin' in the Rain under the gazebo and then retreat to the Club Lounge. The AA man can recognise a split hose when he sees one and voila, four hours late, we are back in Leeds.

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