Monday, 18 June 2012

Foxwood and Foxwood Doves do the Jubilee in the Rain One: Adel

Well, as I republican I should have spotted, at the point of asking, why we had been booked to play all these street parties, and possibly might have declined. And I was just thinking what a nice idea all this community togetherness was.  Anyway, union jack bunting or not, they were a very nice idea. And Adel, thanks to Sophie's mum, Barbara, was a very nice idea.

But now it's raining. We are at The Drive Adel. We are gloomily contemplating getting the PA stuff moved off the stage that is the lorry, when I spot a handy gazebo. As it turns, out a rainproof gazebo. We are Amy, Joe, Tim, Bex, me, Stewart, Georgia, Sophie and Vicky.

We play Singin' in the Rain, and If It's Raining, it's Raining, as you do on these occasions. It makes folks smile, and after all that's what we're here for - to spread a little happiness.  The good people of the Drive then started dancin' in the Rain, and afterwards we all go home - some to work, some to look after their kids, and some of us, who were, in previous lives, both barmaids and mothers of young children, now retire to the implausible plots of the UK detectives programmes. [And unload the van later].

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