Thursday, 21 June 2012

Foxwood at the Malt Shovel Armley Leeds

Dear Debs

As you know I have three main bands [used to have four, but that nice Mr Edwards cancelled the Royal Park Steel Pandas when he cancelled Royal Park School], and each has their own strengths. Simplifying and summing it up, the Sparrows can take on a few really really hard tunes and practise them to death and to success; East Steel can cope successfully with a much bigger repertoire, and get all the nuances; Foxwood will sight-read their way through more or less anything.

They also each have failings, but none so much as Foxwood in a confined space. And yes, here we are at the Malt Shovel again. The volume is going from fff to ffff; not saying it's not good; it's exciting, but heavens it is loud. Phew, now it's Your Song. Only the Foxwood Doves, and those of us who are also pan teachers know this one. By virtue of it being only half the band playing, we can show the Malt Shovel that we can also do subtle.

Oh no we can't.   As Stewart said later, well I think I got that. And yes, Stewart, you did, and you and the rest of you played it at the same the same volume that you played the Trini roadsongs.


We were me, Gig, Lizzie, Bex, Stewart, Diz, Varshika, Natalie, Amy, Joe, Vicky, Mig and Charlotte, and we played indoors on the one day in half-term that Jubilee week that it didn't rain. And Joanne definitely didn't want to be pictured!

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