Sunday, 17 June 2012

Foxwood and Foxwood Doves on tour of Leeds Primary Schools

Well, we had just agreed to do Cross Flatts when we find that normal emails being regarded as spam can wreak havoc with the old plans. So, it's St Barts as well, after all!
To ensure that I don't do Work work on my day off I agreed to mind Maya on Fridays while Georgia does a shift at the Malt Shovel. So, it's pans in the blue van, Maya in the car seat and we're off on tour. The best laid schemes o' mice and grandmothers - eh! Anyway she needs to get used to it. 
At Cross Flatts the kids are all eating on tables set up outside; we set up in the playground facing the tables, start playing and the kids then all run into the playground behind us. We are Varshika, Joe, Katie, Sophie, and Amy. Maya sits on a pan case.
Then the van comes back. We reload and set off for St Barts. Katie leaves us here, and Rick takes Maya back to Gig; Daisy, Lola and Vicky join us. At St Barts we play between the railings and the bouncy castle. I give Lola a little purple pan to use that I "borrowed" from a supplier at an education conference, in exchange for a formal evaluation. After that Joe and Varshika have an excellent fight over who gets to sit in the front. For a while it's a stand-off as I find they're both in it!

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