Thursday, 24 September 2015

Foxwood Steel and Sparrows play for Communications Matters Conference at Leeds Uni

On Monday evening Daisy and I met Yi Bai outside the marquee opposite the University Union. We were greeted by Connor, with How may I help? Heavens, I have only got replies for You can't park here!

 It was a good start and it stayed good.
First we played for the pre-dinner drink in the marquee which had been kindly left over set up for the piano competition.
Combining two bands is easy if you stick to tried and tested songs, but I'm up for a few risky moments, and  we had them and there were indeed a few slip-ups.
Hilary who booked and liaised with us came dressed as a camel. This was a bit disconcerting.

For the first set we were me, Daisy, Yi Bai, Charlotte, Ashley, Claudia, Milly, Gary, Varshika, Georgia G2, Vicky and Bart. And half-way through Bex popped up. Yippee!
We exchanged Georgia G2 for Georgia G1 for the second set, also lost Daisy, and gained Sophie and Fehmina. We also move over to Refec. On the balcony we were provided with posh sandwiches and cake, then set up on the stage where I watched, amongst others, Wilson Pickett, The Yardbirds, The Ramones and the Cure. Not all at the same time of course. Staveley got very excited about the photography possibilities, and somewhat neglected his percussion responsibilities.
There was a live twitter on the big screen behind us, and lots of compliments to us came up live. This, plus the great audience response, their conga, the insistence on an encore lifted our spirits no end. The acoustics were great in the marquee but a bit weird in the big hall.
Sadly we weren't to everyone's taste. On the way to the bus stop one of our players overheard two people discussing us:
 ". . . next time they play . . . "
" . . . yeah, I was so bored. Couldn't wait to get out . . ."
I told the player I was sorry they had had to hear that, and asked if it had spoilt the feeling [cos the feeling was buzzing!], and they replied, "Of course not! . . . It was great! you can't please everyone all the time. . . "
Well, I wouldn't have coped so well, but, hearing about it after the event was okay. When Foxwood, or any of our bands play, it is not just for the money or for the good cause, it is for the buzz and the lift that we get doing it, and the buzz and the lift that we want our listeners to feel listening. And if neither of those things happen, it is quite pointless.

Very sad that someone couldn't wait to get out, but as the player texted me, "You can't please everyone all the time, it's only two, so no big loss." Wise words.
Next: Dewsbury Town Hall.

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