Saturday, 12 September 2015

Leeds Pan Central open up Rhythms Carnival Village Leeds Bank Holiday Monday.

 Sophie Bex
Well we would never had fitted onto the stage anyway, but overnight it had flooded, so while Marcus and Connor sweep away the wet, we put up the gazebo and cunningly attach a nice piece of waterproof sheeting. Attaching it from the gazebo to Marcus's van. Put Ash to stand under where when it dipped. Joking! Actually looking at the photo below, perhaps not.
This morning we play to revellers returning from J'ouvert, to cooks and djs setting up their stalls along Chapeltown Road, to individual troupe members as they walked up from the West Indian centre to the Potternewton Park. It was bit rainy but the sound carried, amplified by concrete and gazebo. And maybe that pans can be loud.
Joyce and Adele braved us two days running. Pippa, back from her holiday made it over. The rest of us were me, Bex, Vicky, Yi Bai, Wanda, Sophie and Ash. We were ace. We have a repertoire of well over twenty songs that we are common to all three bands, and, give or take a couple that at least one band was sight-reading, we played from these.

Pippa Sophie

After four years of being excluded from Leeds Carnival Proper, it was great that Hilary, George and Mexican gave us this opportunity, and I was pleased to be able to include all our players in this event.

Enjoy the pics.

Yi Bai

Anne Joyce Adele
Marcus Connor

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