Tuesday, 15 September 2015

East Steel Rocking Elland Road Police Station

Well Joyce has come back for more! She joins Wanda, Lynn, Kirsty, Pippa, Sophie, Yi Bai, Vicky, Anne, Trish, Maddie, Bex and me for the last sunny gigging day of the summer - as it turns out.
This was a very well played gig, song after song - just perfect. The weather warm and still; no amusing mishaps; Liam took pics from all angles, so here it is in pictures.
East Steel was born in 1999 at East Leeds Training Centre [formerly Foxwood School] as a satellite for East Leeds Music Centre. We were gigging by the summer. We rehearsed in the old weights room just off the main hall, then back stage. After a year or so we moved into Parklands School to be properly part of East Leeds Music Centre. Sixteen years later, East Steel is regularly gigging band, part of the Leeds music scene. [And what started at Foxwood School in the early eighties was continued at East Leeds Music centre in the late nineties].
To learn steel pans you can go to classes at three music centres, organised, funded and run by Leeds ArtForms Music Service: North Leeds Music Centre, East Leeds Music Centre and the Steel Pan Music Centre. For details see the Leeds ArtForms website.

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