Monday, 14 September 2015

Foxwood Steel and Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows play Leeds Rhythms Carnival Village

By the time Foxwood and Sparrows took to the stage this afternoon, it was dry and all the electrics in order. We were me, Bex, Georgia, Ash, Wanda, Yi Bai, Vicky, Sophie, Milly, Holly and Charlotte.
Sue [ex-Foxwood] came to watch, but wasn't tempted on stage. Next time, Sue. We put Ashley where he could rest against the side wall if needed. ! Wanda from Steel Rising was doing sterling on them basses. Staveley [Andrew] played tambourine when he wasn't snapping us. And he perfectly captured the moment we play each others' Cs in Lay All Your Love.
We stopped as the Carnival Procession came past. It was smaller than usual. It had two live bands, New World, whose playing sadly was drowned out by the following float, and later down four djembes, sensibly miked up, looked good and sounded good. Nice scaffolding.
Some nice costumes. here's a coupla pics. The two girls in pink had escaped from the main procession and were shimmying up the other side of Chapeltown Road. Then, just as Sophie and I decided to go back to Rhythms Carnival Village, the spectator side of the road filled up with dancers, so danced sideways through them to get to the pavement again.


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