Friday, 2 October 2015

Foxwood Steel play for Cloverleaf at Dewsbury Town Hall

We know Natalie from Huddersfield Carnival. In July we played for her nephew's wedding in Sheffield; today we are at Dewsbury Town Hall for Cloverleaf's 20th Anniversary. And this building just reeks with history. Balconies, corridors, intricate woodwork, velvet curtains. Loving it. There's Bollywood dancing on the stage when we arrive.
I ask Natalie where we should set up; she disappears on stage to wiggle Bollywood-style and gives me to her colleague to decide. The colleague leads me and Bex back out of the hall into the Town Hall's vestibule and shows me a few tables. I look surprised; I sask, Who will watch us here? She looks incredulous, and says Do you need to be watched?
It's our turn to look incredulous. Then we all realise that she is mistaking us for the caterers! LOL. And still Lolling weeks later.
We are me [Victoria], Bex, Varshika, Vicky, Natalie, Bart, Charlotte and Holly. And instead of serving Caribbean food we serve up some Caribbean music. It's been a long week. We play tried and tested. Watch people all round the room tapping their feet and half-dancing as they chat.
At the end,  a guy approaches,
What was the name of that last song?
Is Heat
Nope. I'm sure I've heard it before.
You go to Huddersfield Carnival?
Every July for ten years.
Well, I don't mind, but I rest my case. However I went to see Bruce Springsteen once at NEC Birmingham, and he didn't play, Dancing In the Dark, and it quite spoilt the evening and then I had to drive back to Leeds at 3 in the morning, not buzzing but really irritated.

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