Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Leeds Pan Central/East Steel at Tennants Hall Middleton

Again it's summer, they're all on holiday, put out the call, get a good crop. Mostly East Steel. We were me [|Victoria], Bex [at last not cruising with sharks, in the Moldives], Georgia [it's a Tuesday], Pippa, Anne, Sophie, Lynn, Daisy. We have no Yi Bai so return to UK for Bex is some baptism of fire as she finds she is now the drummer. But I find I am a main soprano-player! And at least Yi Bai got the job!
Salt in wound - Natalie [drummer] and Charlotte [tune-player] both ask later What gig!


Well, it was pouring. We played under this wonderful canopy. The bowling green nearly flooded. Tom never stopped face-painting.
Our Foxcubs with painted faces sat alongside us on their ipads. Who knows where that pic is!
I mean, who knows where that pic is?

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