Sunday, 5 July 2015

Steel Pan Workshops in Selby. Work Experience the Hard Way

On Monday Reece [work experience student from South Leeds] and I loaded the big Works' white van with a set of low basses, a set of tenor bass, a set of floor cellos, two sets of double guitar pans, one set of double seconds, two single guitar pans, five single seconds and three soprano ]aka tenor] pans, and twenty stands, plus music and sticks.
Then we drove to Selby High School, where set up all the stands and placed pans near them.
On Tuesday I picked Reece up in my car at 7.45 a.m.[unheard of!], drove back to Selby swung all the pans up and took three and a kit across to the stage with the help of Jenny, Matt and other colleagues. At 9.20 the four of us gave a little demo to the school, then we took thirteen pans across the hall for five workshops with school years 7 and 8. And four of the classes demonstrated their tunes [Largo, London Bridge, Clown Dance and Sur le Pont, Merrily]. Then we hauled them back to the Music Room. Drove back to Leeds. Passed out.
Next day picked Reece up at 8.30 [still too early and too far to drive to work!] and we did the same thing. With Au Clair de la Lune, Ring a Ring Roses Old Macdonald, Drunken Sailor, We got a free lunch and it was the best cheese and tomato pannini ever! Today it was the Birds of Prey turn to do the demo.  Rick appeared in the big white at three. We loaded it; both vehicles went back to ArtForms and we carted the gear down the corridor to the Pan Room [Diane appeared and also carried some stuff]. Went home and passed out.
Thursday Then it was Sparrows, Steelettes and East Steel on Thursday night. Reece drummed for the Steelettes, and went home and threw up. Possibly a work experience too far. Vicky and I packed the blue van for the next two Foxwood and East Steel concerts.
If you want a pan workshop, or a band for a gig, or you want to do work experience to the point of being sick . . . . .!

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