Thursday, 16 July 2015

Sparrows Sort of at the Co-op [Primrose]

No sooner back from Selby and unloading the big white than I am jumping into the pre-loaded Small Blue Van and off to the Co-op. This is Sparrows' gig, and we have two Sparrows! Ever thus. Helping out are me, Vicky, Wanda and Yi Bai. [It has to be said Sparrows help out Foxwood Steel whenever needed. It's the only way we can do so many]
It's Awards Evening. We belt out some soca tunes as parents assemble and eat the best samosas ever [I know this because there were some left over. Mmmm]. Ash has three goes at starting Under the Sea. This type of beginning will be refered as do as "doing an Ash" from now on. He was irritated because he  is a musical perfectionist, but he handled it well because he is a natural performer.

There was an audience for our gig but our photographers just took the band. Fair enough!

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