Friday, 24 July 2015

Three workshops: Leeds Civic Hall and Swarthmore

On Monday morning Diane and I took three sets of tamboo bamboo to the Civic in order to do a workshop for the Girls Can conference at Leeds Civic Hall. I started our workshop with a stamping clapping exercise, and then Diane did her whizzy thing with tamboo bamboo sticks. This is actually a bit tricky even if you are only trying to keep a hold of the one rhythm that you have been given, and with or without a verbal phrase to remember the rhythm by.

Leaving Diane to it in Glorious Building No 1, I skipped up to the bus stop by the Merrion Centre, took the 56 home, jumped into the blue van that I prepared earlier, down to the Swarthmore Centre, Glorious Building Number 2, set of pans up to top floor [students did that, phew!]. Workshop with Natalie S's class, met Gosh, practised my Polish on her, did some tunes, left the pans there, went home, passed out.
Next morning back to Swarthmore, more tunes, took photos of those who wanted to be in them [the act natural bit didn't happen!], bumped into my old friend, Martin C. left the class to continue the lesson without me and shot off to last school of the day, watched Pippa's lovely steelband play a concert, took some photos [no permission to show yet], then back to collect pans which students had already brought down. Sting helped me load the van, parked nervously at the front, but together this took no time at all.
Went home, passed out. Holidays anyone?

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