Monday, 20 July 2015

East Steel at Yeadon Carnival

Spencer found us at Morley St George's Day, and invited us to Yeadon. Mixed emotions here for those of our number who are local [ie Lynn and Anne], and indeed it is more difficult to play in front of your own family, school, town, whatever, than to play in front of strangers. I do get that.
Anyway, because Spencer had actually seen us play, I knew that he didn't just want a steelband; he wanted East Steel. And that was enough for us!
We were me, Bex, Vicky, Lynn, Wendy, Yi Bai, Jeanette, Pippa, Kirsty, Sophie, Anne, Wanda. Surprise guest was Peter; surprised guest in fact!
We were treated with such consideration. After a brief skirmish with the ice-cream van about where I couldn't park my van [ever thus!], Spencer found us and directed me through a gap in the fence which looked like it was just big enough for a double buggy. Then we were able to park where we played. Loading was dream. In fact the van was a shelter for Wanda and hubby during the interval. And we definitely needed shelter. We covered up the pans from the hot sun as you can see.
Yeadon Carnival. Loved it.

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